Hair Vajazzling: Worst Idea Ever? [VIDEO]

May 21st, 2012


Apparently some women (the Grey’s Anatomy cast notwithstanding) were willing to stick crystals to their ladyparts a couple of years ago, and now British reality TV star Amy Childs thinks we’ll be just as eager to iron them into our hair: introducing, Hair Vajazzles.

Why, you might ask, would you want to iron something into your hair, when you could simply clip them in via bobby pins or barrettes? and, more importantly, who the frick is Amy Childs?

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Good questions, both. first, the point of Hair Vajazzles, as Childs, in a nude, vajazzled bodysuit illustrates in the video below, is that you get coverage all over your hair, not just in spots. It’s important to note that Childs herself doesn’t iron the Vajazzles into her own hair in the promo … she’s wearing a Vajazzled wig (which we know because her hair is dark brown, not the platinum blonde she’s sporting in the video).

Still, as the instructions on her website say, you iron the Vajazzle, attached to a transparent plastic film, into your hair. does that sound like a good idea to anyone?

Childs’ website also says the Vajazzles will “detach naturally” in three to 10 days. anyone else picturing some major bedhead and tangles, which will not be made cuter by the fact that some heart-shaped sparklies are ironed into them?

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As for the question of Childs and, you know, who the frick she is, she became famous on the British reality series The only Way Is Essex, which has been described as the U.K.’s version of Jersey Shore or The Hills. and like many a D-list American reality TV celeb, she continues to try to parlay her fame into other businesses. Like Hair Vajazzles.

Meanwhile, should you want to take Hair Vajazzles for a whirl yourself, they can be purchased at Childs’ website for 8.50 pounds, or roughly $13.44.

And good luck with that.

Watch the video in which Childs explains Hair Vajazzles, courtesy of Yahoo! News:


Hair Vajazzling: Worst Idea Ever? [VIDEO]

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