Gen Y has a bumper laugh with trendy car stickers

June 20th, 2012

What else will you do when you spot an advocate’s car, with the sticker declaring his profession on one side and the one that says ‘In case of rash driving, please don’t tell my dad’ on the other? or the one that says, ‘Don’t bother me. I’m living happily everafter.’

Sivakumar, manager of a car accessories shop, vouches that the ubercool breed of youngsters who frequent his shop to check out the latest accessories also check out the new range of bumper stickers for their cars. “There are ones who keep changing them every week. most of them who sport real whacky ones are either students or those who have just landed themselves in a job.” There are people who go for less whacky yet humorous ones, too. Like techie Sabu Thomas, whose latest sticker on his car reads, ‘Don’t follow me. I’m lost!’ “My folks loved this one as they feel it almost speaks on behalf of my general absent-mindedness,” he says with a laugh.

College goers Sujith Nair and Roschelle Joy say how they posted a funny sticker on a friend’s car. “He had inherited his father’s second-hand car that was passed on to him when his dad went in for a new one. The old one was in a bad shape and the exhaust pipe brought out thick black fumes each time he started the car. one night, we sneaked into the car park and stuck on it a ‘Keep off! I love farting’ sticker,” they say amid laughter.

Girls lie a little low when it comes to having humour screaming from their car bumpers, if the city trend is anything to go by. “Not long ago, I tried putting a ‘Honk if anything falls off’ sticker on my two-wheeler, only to have my parents fire the hell out of me. their reason? ‘We don’t want you to have people throw glances at you for the wrong reasons.’ Sigh!” rues teenager Amala Christy.

Generation Chillax sure knows how to flirt with laughter. But remember, ‘God is coming. look busy!’

Gen Y has a bumper laugh with trendy car stickers

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