Former TOWIE star, Amy Child, to have breasts enlarged to 32DD!

June 24th, 2012

It would seem that the Queen of the Vajazzle, former TOWIE star Amy Childs,  is not entirely happy with the way she looks, as she reveals in an intimate interview how she plans on having another boob job, bringing her up to a size 32DD!

Amy, who left The Only Way Is Essex after its second series to take part in Celebrity Big Brother, has confessed to Now Magazine that she worried about her looks as she says that her breasts have become saggy! “When I first got them done, they were up here [points to her chin]. they were so nice and pert,” she says for her reasons for going under the knife again.

“Now they’re just really saggy and heavy. they give me backache too.”

Childs has put this down tot he facts that she was very young when she first had her implants inserted and because they were put in front of the muscle, as opposed to behind it which is the case in most standard procedures around today.

Amy also opened up about the pain that her chest has been in, and the worry it has caused, saying:“The first time, I was like, ‘Boom, I’m getting my boobs done.’ I was so excited, but now I think more about the procedure and the anaesthetic. It’s a life changing operation.”

Luckily for Amy, she has a fellow reality star who has been through the same type of ordeal, Danielle Lloyd, who ended up needing a blood transfusion after her implants exploded.

Speaking of Lloyd, Childs commented:“I’ve spoken to her since and she said she feels better without her implants.  I think she looks lovely now. She says she’s more confident. but I know I’ll be more confident when I get mine in.”

Amy, who’s fake boobs are currently set at 32C, confirmed the new bra size, saying:“I’ve had all my consultations and decided on a 32DD,” Amy confirms. Bring on the bikinis then we say.

Watch a clip of Amy in TOWIE action below:

The full interview is in this week’s new! magazine, out now.

Former TOWIE star, Amy Child, to have breasts enlarged to 32DD!

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