Former Big Brother housemate Kenneth Tong blasted for vile remarks about Gary Barlow’s stillborn baby Poppy – I hope he rots in hell for it

August 14th, 2012

There are many times when I, as I’m sure do you, sit and shake my head and wonder what the hell is wrong with people and how this world got to be such a vile place to be sometimes…

And a report in today’s Daily Mail about former Big Brother housemate Kenneth Tong making “vile remarks” about X Factor judge Gary Barlow’s tragic baby daughter Poppy – who was stillborn last week – has brought about one of those moments of despair for humanity.

As you’re sure to be aware, Gary’s wife Dawn went into labour with Poppy two weeks early, but as the infant was stillborn, there was nothing medics could do to save her life.

The majority of people have inundated Gary and Dawn with messages of condolence and support, but Tong chose to tweet what the paper brands, “a series of offensive statements” on his Twitter page about Poppy…

The paper adds, “28-year-old self styled playboy was condemned by fellow users for using take That song lyrics to attack Barlow and his wife at this difficult time.”

Tong, who appeared on series 10 of big Brother in 2009, also posted a picture of a child’s coffin accompanied by yet more nauseating comments.

Many Twitter users – including several of Gary’s celebrity friends – called upon the social networking site’s bosses to close Tong’s account, however, he replied with statements about his having “freedom of speech”, showing no remorse for his repulsive comments whatsoever.

Big Brother’s Bit on The side presenter Jamie East tweeted, “Nothing would make me happier today than seeing Kenneth Tong going to prison.

“What an absolutely hateful, hateful human being.”

And singer songwriter Professor Green wrote, “@MrKennethTong never in my life seen such a disgusting case of attention seeking… please never have children.”

In addition, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Simon Cowell all blasted Tong for his comments, which he later claimed were “a joke”.

He told The Sun, “Even my own friends have turned against me – but it was an exercise that I wanted to keep up for a week. I love to be challenged.

“It was so illogical a concept. it did not make sense but so many people bought into it.

“I proved how easy it is to become a global phenomena in the age of instant media.”

What an absolutely repellent human being. If you have to make “jokes” about a baby’s death to achieve notoriety and fame, then I sincerely hope that the whole thing does a karmic about turn and Tong will find himself so ‘famous’ for it that he’s unable to walk the streets for fear of reprisal for his revolting actions.

We’ll see then if creating “a global phenomena” via the medium of such reprehensible behaviour feels anything like an achievement to be proud of. I suspect it won’t.

In my opinion, Tong is nothing more than a fame hungry wannabe who has so little talent and/or skills, he can’t become notable for anything other than being a total ar**hole, and I hope he rots in hell frankly.

Perhaps I feel as strongly as I do given that my first grandchild was stillborn having been born prematurely, but I don’t suppose you have to have gone through that trauma in your own family to know what a complete waste of oxygen people like Tong are.

We’d love to hear your opinion of his behaviour, but in the meantime, here’s a reminder of his time in the big Brother house…

Former Big Brother housemate Kenneth Tong blasted for vile remarks about Gary Barlow’s stillborn baby Poppy – I hope he rots in hell for it

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