Fishy Foot Spas

May 6th, 2012

As a trained beauty therapist I’ve come to learn alot about the ever changing beauty industry, from brazilians to hollywoods to the ever interesting vajazzling ( also a new and bizarre beauty choice). but the newest craze to hit my small town is the new Fish Pedicures.

Reading up about these so called Doctor Fish, I was sceptical about the whole treatment. really could these fish nibble off my dead skin on my feet and make them nice and soft for the summer?

I am up for most things so I thought why not give this a go. so there I was Saturday morning going in to a fish spa. Walking in, the place was clean and friendly, although not even the happy smiley receptionist could calm my nerves. I was give a health questionnaire to fill out and sign to confirm there are no fungal infections, verrucas or open wounds on my feet and paid my 10 for 15 minutes.

Looking around there were 3 other people sat with their feet in tanks filled with tiny fish. And it did look like a horror film. Hundreds of fish surrounded the area where the feet should be, but the women remained remarkably calm. one sat reading a magazine, another on the phone, and one looked out of the window in a kind of relaxed state.

Smiling I followed the receptionist to the tank and removed my shoes. for hygiene reasons, I soaked my feet in a mini foot spa for a few minutes in order to cleanse my feet. this part of the treatment was very relaxing. I drifted off in to my own little world and began to dream about sun, sea and well you get the picture Until my daydreams were interrupted by the receptionist telling me I can turn around and put my feet in.

Looking down there were millions of little black eyes looking up at me, waiting looking at them I could see they were hungry. I knew what they were thinking, FOOD I took a deep breath and plunged in my feet.

The feeling that followed was totally outrageous. Letting out a few squeals and giggles as the fish got stuck in to their feast. it was a bizarre sensation, kind of like pins and needles without the cramping and painful effects.

After a few minutes of deep breaths and giggles I relaxed in to the treatment, and although there were other customers coming in and out I didn’t really pay any attention to them, I was back with Johnny Depp on a secluded Island.

And then my time was up. I was handed a towel and offered foot cream. And now was the moment of truth. Was this just a fad thought up by the beauty industry? or does it actually work? Bending down I had a good old feel of my feet, where all the hard skin was. And in actual fact they felt a whole lot softer. My feet no longer ached from the 5 inch heels I love to wear and the appearance was a lot smoother.

Although a few treatments would be necessary to gain 100% results, after just one treatment there was a definite improvement. As a true beauty therapist, nothing takes the place of a good old pedicure and massage but I would definitely recommend it to my clients as a girly day out, after all what else cheers you up other than a good giggle with your girlfriends?

Fishy Foot Spas

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