Festival goers ‘stuck in cars’ as rain hammers Isle of Wight

July 6th, 2012

As 2012 shapes up to be the ‘year without a summer’, thousands of UK festival-goers are beginning to regret buying tickets at all. Rain is on the agenda for most parts of the country in coming weeks, just in time to create the perfect conditions for a mudbath at many outdoor events. Today, we heard that the Isle of Wight festival, which opened yesterday, is already facing serious problems…

Hundreds of revellers have allegedly been forced to sleep in their cars as they wait (and hope) for the inclement conditions to subside, according to reports from Sky News.this was due to parking and access problems created by the mud, and compounded by cancellations of ferry services from Newport, leading to a backlog in traffic.

Those who have made it into the campsites have had to face conditions described as ‘extremely muddy’, and some cars have had to be towed out by tractors. one unhappy customer identified as Kirsty Crossley wrote on an unofficial festival Facebook page that “Even 4x4s can’t move”.

Another would-be camper, Phil Harvey, described how he had to give up on his first attempt to access the site: “We turned around last night and went [home] – thinking about coming back today for another go”. another, rather dramatically added “thinking of everyone there”! Festival organisers have been contrite over the problems encountered by customers, even offering refunds to those affected. Speaking to BBC News earlier today, festival organiser John Giddings said he was “really sorry” that people had to suffer these conditions, and that the weather had been “horrendous”. when asked about refunds, Mr Giddings said that he would refund customers if they sent their tickets back. Are you heading to any festivals in the UK this year? Are you worried about the weather?

[Image: David Jones]

Festival goers ‘stuck in cars’ as rain hammers Isle of Wight

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