Fancy a Muff-in? Vagina Cupcakes are internet hit

February 1st, 2012

To say that we’re a teeny bit bored of hearing about how cupcakes are a ‘feminist symbol’ would be the understatement of the year – but in the case of these anatomically accurate ‘muff-ins’ I think we might have to make an exception! The cakes are iced by someone who has clearly seen the real thing in various forms, and has rendered it in fondant with startling accuracy.

There are muff-ins of all types on display here: different colours represent different skin tones, and one even seems to be sporting a vajazzle! I’m not sure what the chocolate sprinkles on some of the others are supposed to represent, however, and let’s not think too hard about the ones that are decorated with strawberry jam…

We’ve had trouble tracking down the original maker of these cakes, but did stumble on this quote from someone claiming to be her on this Tumblr: “I made these cakes. I have a vagina and the friends I made them with also have vaginas so we made them as a celebration of that.

We made vaginas because we have vaginas, if we had penises we would have made them. Only a penis perhaps wouldn’t fit so nicely on a cake.”

So, anyone fancy a bite?

Fancy a Muff-in? Vagina Cupcakes are internet hit

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