Ellie Goulding rants about her vajazzle

July 30th, 2011

Just what would they say at the palace?!

According to The Telegraph singer Ellie Goulding went gone and jazzed up her lady area by getting an item of jewellry down there. all we can say is OUCH! but Ellie has taken to Twitter to put the whole thing to rest. she tweeted: "Read an article saying i got a ‘vajazzle’ I don’t even know what a ‘vajazzle’ is. Would someone like to enlighten me??" come one Ellie, don’t pretend you don’t watch The Only Way is Essex.

It seems Ellie isn’t the only one confused about what a vajazzle is though. it sounds like The Telegraph think that vajazzling (glue on crystals) and piercing is the same thing. We’d be very unamused if we went to a salon for a quick vajazzle and ended up with an intimate piercing. Unamused and in pain.

A source apparently told them that Ellie Goulding whacked out her vajazzle to her mates in posh Chelsea club Tuatara. A guest at the party she was at said “she was discreetly showing it off to her friends in the ladies’ loos”. Discreetly? Yeah really discreet…

Well now we know Ellie has left her ladybusiness alone, the way nature intended it.

What do you think? reckon Ellie does know what a vajazzle is? think she’s just trying to throw us off the scent because the secret is out?!

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Ellie Goulding rants about her vajazzle

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