Do you know any women that have gotten "Vajazzeled"?

August 12th, 2011

take a look here . to see what
I mean.…

No. I like a woman who's willing to take the time to trim her bush into something aesthetically pleasing like a English topiary garden because after all, aren't I worth it?

There's no need to go to the expense of salon 'vajazzles', Mystic B. I do my own by gluing in place pieces of gaily coloured paper torn from magazines.

Only Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kathy Griffin. but personally? none.

So if i'm Pubophobic, that means I could also be Jazzledphobic too?

I did sex to her with firecrackers and mayonnaise.

Not women, but teenagers.

It's a huge thing here because of a show called The Only Way is Essex 😐

That's something you don't see everyday.. or is it

What kind of name is that? And no.

I'll be happy with a nice country girl….!!

Do you know any women that have gotten "Vajazzeled"?

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