Desperate Scousewives – episode 4 – TV review

December 20th, 2011

Tonight on Desperate Scousewives talk turned to a new flavour of crisps.

Given the success of other regional reality shows it looked set to be a sure fire success, but with topics of conversation like this, a cast so uninteresting I still couldn’t tell you their names and plot lines hopelessly engineered the show is flailing.

Determined to replicate the apparently hilarious concept of the ‘vajazzle’ in TOWIE, Scousewives tonight insisted that ‘scouse brow’ was a thing, to viewers eternal indifference.

Elsewhere Chris and Mark continued to ‘argue’ over their differing opinions on adopting children, with the stress of it all causing Chris to cut someone’s hair badly tonight, OMG!

There are still a few episodes to go and the show is going to need a miracle if it’s to keep pulling in viewers. But if nothing else the sorry state of Desperate Scousewives might have just avoided us the commissioning and subsequent debasing of any other parts of the country in a reality show.

Desperate Scousewives – episode 4 – TV review

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