Decorating the downstairs: ‘Vajazzle your vajayjay’

April 21st, 2011

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Bedazzled jackets lost their sparkle years ago, but thanks to Jennifer Love Hewitt, a new form of bedazzling has hit the scene.

“After a breakup of mine, a friend of mine Swarovski crystalled my precious lady,” Jennifer Love Hewitt, in an interview about her new book on the Lopez Tonight show said. “It shined like a disco ball! I have a whole chapter on how women should vajazzle their vajayjays.”

According to Hewitt, vajazzling helped her get over her breakup, and she encourages women to try it. Vajazzling is the act of gluing tiny rhinestones to the pubic area in various shapes or letters.

You can order DIY vajazzle kits, or find a nearby salon to administer them for you.

WAXING: Brazilian waxes have been a popular trend among women, but many girls are reluctant to go in for a wax due to the association that it’s incredibly painful.

“Take Ibuprofen before coming in because it helps the hair follicles not swell up and enclose the hair even more after waxing,” said Danielle Owen, owner and head esthetician at Spa du Soleil.

Most spas also offer numbing crème, which helps numb the area and alleviate the pain. Brazilians, which means completely waxing the area, is not the only form of wax available. There are a variety of shapes to experiment with.

MERKINS: If you got a Brazilian and instantly regretted going completely bare, then a merkin might be your answer. Merkins are pubic wigs made up of synthetic or real human hair, feathers, and other materials.

Adhered to the pubic area with a special glue, merkins are often used by actors in movies to cover up or make it look as if they have pubic hair. other merkins are used solely for temporary fun, and come in bright colors and designs. Merkins can be found online, and some companies even have the Design it Yourself option.

PUBIC HAIR DYE: If the typical shades of skin color and hair are starting to make the downstairs seem drab, spice things up with a pop of color. Betty is a special hair dye made with gentle colorants to dye your pubes a rainbow of different colors including green, purple, aqua and more. If you simply want to change things to a different hair color, they also offer shades in brunette, blonde and auburn.

Vagazzling isn’t the only way to add some sparkle to your hoo-ha. Genital piercings are more common than most people think. For ladies, vertical and horizontal hood piercings are the safest and most common type of vaginal piercing.

“We get a lot of clitoris requests,” said Matt Funaiole, a body piercer at Imperial Body Art. “That’s a dangerous one, and can cause insensitivity. Hood piercings don’t cause that.”

The hood is the area above the clit, and isn’t attaching to such an enormous nerve source. not only is this exponentially safer, it’s also less painful.

“It’s more of a discomfort thing,” said Funaiole. “You’re dealing with paper thin skin.”

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Decorating the downstairs: ‘Vajazzle your vajayjay’

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