David Cameron leaves daughter in pub, public fails to get upset

July 7th, 2012

Occasionally, the tabloids deploy a story that seems guaranteed to cause uproar among the masses and it just totally fails to fly. the story of David Cameron accidentally leaving his daughter in a pub for 15 minutes is just such a non-event: even the hormone-fuelled denizens of Mumsnet failed to raise an eyebrow at what appears to have been a perfectly honest mistake.

You can almost taste the disappointment as the public shrugs its collective shoulder and says ‘so what?’ yet it’s fair to say that this is a story that could have gone nuclear: having a pop at politicians is almost a national sport, and there’s nothing that the UK’s self-appointed arbiters of morality enjoy more than having a go at other people’s parenting techniques. Why then, in this case, are we siding with the PM?

Perhaps it’s because someone influential got in early – probably on one of the social media channels or perhaps elsewhere in the media – and just said ‘leave him alone guys, he’s done nothing wrong’. But more likely it’s because this type of event has happened at some point in all of our lives – either as a parent or as a child.

So I’d like to ask readers today: if you’re a parent, have you ever left one of your children behind before rushing back as Cameron did to retrieve him or her? or if you’re not, do you remember such an incident taking place in your childhood?

I certainly remember the time it happened to me: aged 4, I was left behind on the school run as children piled into one mother’s car and (being small for my age) I must have been over-looked. it isn’t a hugely traumatic memory: I simply walked the dozen-or-so yards back to my nursery school where I told the teacher’s I’d been ‘left behind’ and my distraught mother came to collect me 10 minutes later. these things happen!

Has this happened to us all? Over to you…

David Cameron leaves daughter in pub, public fails to get upset

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