Coming Soon: iPad Fleshlight Attachment

February 19th, 2012

Because you demanded it – or never dared to dream it even possible – some brave entrepreneur has begun production on an iPad Fleshlight attachment.

While we know more than a few Mac enthusiasts who would leap at the opportunity to take things to the next level with their iOS devices, the more practical application is obviously for porn.

Scratch that. Interactive porn. A rep for Fleshlight has confirmed that software is indeed being developed to interface with this revolutionary new invention.

The Fleshlight iPad holder comes to us from the fertile, febrile mind of prolific designer, author, recipe-creator, and opinionater Tv Slicèdbread Miller. the device – currently only in conceptual-design form – clips onto the outside of the iPad (lengthwise of course), and allows the user to pleasure himself while looking at the screen.

Presumably porn makers would leap at the chance to come up with shooting styles that enhance the illusion that the user is making love to an actual human, rather than a slab of electronics enhanced with a ribbed polymer pocket.

Whoa. Move over Pejazzle! There’s a new wildly popular sexytime novelty product in town!

And here’s some Fleshlight trivia for you: “the caressing core of the concept, the Fleshlight itself, was invented by a former police SWAT team member, patent-protected as a “device useful for collection of sperm from human males”, and is one of the best-selling sex toys in the world.”

Is it too late for the producers of Fleshlightning, the Fleshlight movie, to do a reshoot?

And more importantly, is this something you would actually purchase?

(via The Register UK / photo via Queerty)

Coming Soon: iPad Fleshlight Attachment

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