Celebrity Big Brother: Week One Highlights

September 13th, 2011

ATV Today looks at the highlights from the first week (and a bit) of Celebrity big Brother, which has proved a massive hit for Channel 5.



All of the housemates are in the living area. big Brother asks for one housemate to come to the diary room and Kerry goes in. She receives a secret mission which she must complete tonight, in three separate tasks. Firstly, Kerry must become the biggest “Celeb Diva” in the house “think Jo-Lo, Carey, McCririck,” big Brother advises. Tomorrow, housemates will decide which one of them is the biggest diva, if Kerry fails to convince them of her diva worth, she will be punished. “Why didn’t I let someone else come in, I’m not a Diva!” she comments before leaving the diary room.

Kerry returns to the house and complains that she wants a cigarette before yelling her demands to big Brother. Darryn tells Kerry not to get “wound up.” She tells her fellow housemates: “I expected more, somebody of my status should get more than this.” Jedward try to comfort her. Kerry moves away and tells them: “It’s on my contract you’re not allowed to touch me.” Kerry then lies on the floor and throws a child-like tantrum demanding cigarettes.


Jedward are in the diary room talking to big Brother about the house and say that it feels like “Jedward the movie.” Some of the housemates are in the garden talking about Jedward. Paddy says that he thinks the twins are “annoying.”


Darryn is in the living area talking to Jedward about their career. he tells them they should do kids TV. the boys tell him that they are making their own show for Ireland, UK and Sweden. Darryn ask the boys if they are making a “porn film.” Jedward look confused. Some of the housemates are in the garden. Kerry tells them that she is happy that she is single. Sally tells her: “You don’t need a bloke to be happy” and Kerry says that she does not want to settle for “second best.” Bobby gives Amy his jacket to use as a blanket. She tells him how her life has changed since she became famous.


In the kitchen, Jedward say that their time in the house is easier because they have each other. big Brother announces that the bedroom is open and Jedward run in and jump across all the beds. big Brother calls Kerry to diary room.  in the bedroom Amy is lying on her bed and calls Lucien over: “Come and have a chat with me.” Lucien looks nervous and sits on floor, Amy jokes “I wanna chat not get married.” Lucian looks hesitant and sits next to her on the bed. the pair mimic each others voices and Amy says: “Stop flirting with me,” “You call this flirting!” he replies.

In the diary room, big Brother tells Kerry that they are impressed, “You are a natural diva.” Kerry receives the rest of her secret mission. She must declare the classic line, ‘Don’t you know who I am?’ to three separate housemates. Then, after lights out Kerry must become unhappy with her choice of bed and convince one housemate to swap beds. She must then change her mind and ask to go back to her original bed. If housemates find out about her task, she will fail.

Kerry returns to the bedroom and during her conversation with Lucien she says jokingly: “Don’t you know who I am.”  They laugh while giving each other a high-five.


In the bedroom, Jedward teach Amy their Thriller dance routine. Some of the other housemates are in the garden, talking about alcohol. Sally tells them that giving up alcohol was “the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

11.52 pm

Amy and Jedward are in the diary room talking about Sally. Amy tells them that Sally is an MP adding: “I think she owns the House of Commons.”  They all agree that they are unsure of what an MP is but that Sally is an important person. “I think we’ll learn a lot about politics from this house,” Amy adds. Some of the housemates are in the garden. Pamela tells Kerry how she met her ex-husband, David Hasselhoff and confesses that she had not had many relationships. Kerry replies: “I’m rubbish at dating.”


It has been one hour since Kerry received the rest of her secret mission. in the diary room, Darryn discusses his fellow housemates, he says that him and Paddy “chuckle behind the scenes,” that Amy is “sweet” and that “Pinky and Percy (sic) are like two kids.” he predicts that there will be drama in the house.

Some of the housemates are in the bathroom. Kerry asks them to guess her age. Bobby says that she is 36 adding: “Atomic Kitten were around when I was really young.” Kerry replies: “Thirty-f***ing-six, that’s the last time I have botox!”

In the bathroom, Paddy and Sally talk about their partners. Paddy tells her that he refers to his wife, also called Sally as “My Sally.” Sally tells him that his wife should refer to him as “My man,” and says she would not reply, if her husband referred to her that way, “I’m not his.”


Lucien and Tara are in the kitchen. Lucien is cooking sausages and asks her to try some. Tara looks confused and asks: “Is it meat?” Lucien feeds her a piece and Tara gives it her approval adding: “It’s good.”

In the bedroom, Kerry gets into her bed and lies down. After a few minutes she looks around the bedroom before asking Darryn if all the beds are taken. Darryn looks confused and gives Kerry a puzzled look but does not answer.



Most of the housemates are waking up. Late last night, Bobby and Lucien prepared some pranks in the kitchen.

Darryn has come to the kitchen and finds some frozen peas in the cutlery tray. he asks Jedward if they have anything to do with it and they tell him they have not. the twins leave the kitchen and Darryn comments to himself: “Something weird’s happening, they’ve been given a task.”


Jedward are in the bathroom washing each others hair. They both agree that they should wear their hair flat today. Some of the housemates are in the garden. Sally has been in the bathroom and realises that her shampoo has been used. Jedward are in the bedroom and Sally walks and confronts them adding: “You’ve used all my shampoo and your hair still looks crap!”


Amy is in the kitchen talking to Bobby and Lucien about her breasts. She tells them that she used to put up to five chicken fillets in to her bra to boost the size of her bust.

Jedward are in the bedroom grooming each other with body-scrum. Pamela tells them that their new flat hair styles look “sexy.” Darryn and Paddy are in the garden. Darryn is in a bad mood and confides in Paddy before telling him: “We’re the only sane people in here.” Paddy tries to re-assure him.


Some of the housemates are in the garden talking about the recent phone hacking scandal. Kerry adds: “News of the World made me more famous than being in Atomic Kitten.” Darryn comments that Kerry made a lot of money out of that newspaper and Kerry disagrees. She tells him that she did not earn any money from the stories that were written about her. Kerry then talks about her infamous appearance on this Morning and lists the prescribed medication she had taken at that time. Bobby says that no matter what drugs she was taking, “prescription of otherwise,” that amount would have a bad effect. Paddy says she must have been on a “different planet.” Darryn jokes: “It was bloody good telly though!”


Jedward and Amy are in the kitchen doing the washing up. Amy thinks that the tea towel smells funny. She tells them that she thinks someone “used that on their nonni.” John and Edward look at each other confused. Pamela and Kerry are sitting in the cosy area of the garden, talking about relationships. Pamela tells her: “I want to be in love again,” and says that she would like someone who makes her heart go “pitter-patter.”  She tells Kerry that she has never had a one night and stand. Kerry says that she has.


Some of the housemates are in the garden. Sally tells Paddy that she does not have a good “public persona.” “You’ve go to stop criticising yourself,” Paddy tells her. Sally replies: “I disappoint people all the time” and Paddy comments: “It’s great that your marriage hasn’t broken up.”


Darryn is in the kitchen with Jedward, checking the sell by dates on some of the food. he tells them that they are likely to get “food poisoning” if they don’t throw some of it away.

Some of the housemates are in the garden talking about Darryn. Lucien says that Darryn is “calculating,” and Tara adds: “He has a vendetta against me.” Sally tells them that Darryn is a “man’s man,” and Paddy laughs at all the comments. “You’ve just got to get to know him, have a crack with him,” he urges.


Tara and Darryn are in the kitchen. Tara tells him: “I don’t like you; I thought you were picking on me.” Darryn explains that he isn’t horrible adding: “I was joking, it’s my sense of humour.” Darryn gives her a kiss on the cheek and Tara says she is happy that they have cleared the air.


Sally announces to the house that she has been put in charge of the fashion and bed sheets task.  big Brother has provided housemates with bed sheets and accessories to create their designs. Amy announces: “I’m going to Vajazzle mine” as housemates get prepared. A while later, Sally presents: “Big Brother house fashion collection, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Housemates take it in turns to strut through the garden in their hand made creations.


Some of the housemates are in the garden. Amy is wearing tight trousers and mentions that she may have “camel toe.” Paddy looks confused and asks her what she means. Some of the housemates giggle. Amy explains the meaning to Paddy and leaves the garden. Paddy turns to his fellow housemates and looks stunned: “A woman shouldn’t talk like that,” he comments. Kerry is in the garden, talking to some of the housemates about being burgled. “I was tied up, I was a mess, I thought I was going to die.” Housemates discuss the horrible event for a short while before Amy comments: “Let’s talk about something happy,” ”Yeah, let’s talk about camel-toe,” Kerry replies.


Lucien and Darryn are in the garden, talking about life after Celebrity big Brother. Darryn says that John and Edward are the most “resilient” of all the housemates, “They are complete entertainment for me,” he adds. Lucien says “Tara has got her” and pauses.  Darryn finishes the sentence saying: “issues.” Lucien agrees but says that all of the housemates have issues.


Jedward have been in the bathroom singing for over one hour. Some of their housemates are in the living area talking about how to tell the boys apart. Kerry adds: “They’re so innocent, it’s lovely.” Lucien, Tara and Bobby are in the garden talking about potential house romances. Tara goes into the house. Bobby comments: “Amy is fit but I can’t fancy her.” Lucien adds: “She looks fit, but I just can’t.” Bobby tells Lucien that he thinks they were both put in the house to spice things up. Lucien confides to Bobby: “I’d want to do something with Tara, if she wasn’t married.” Bobby smiles.

Some of the housemates are in the bedroom. John is sitting in bed and Amy calls over: “Do you wanna cuddle?” John says he doesn’t as Edward walks into the room. Amy asks Edward if he wants to get into her bed for a “cuddle.” he gets in next to her and comments: “It’s warm in here,” before showing housemates that his hands are above the duvet. Amy giggles: “Can you imagine me with John in OK! magazine?” Kerry asks Edward:

“Are you jealous?” “I’m well jel,” he replies and joins Amy and his brother in Amy’s bed. Kerry shouts: “I can see the Daily Star headline, ‘3-in-a bed with Amy’!”


Darryn is in the diary room talking to big Brother. he says that he has made a “friend for life” in Paddy. “Mumbles is trying to form friends with anyone he can,” he says, referring to Lucien. Kerry and Lucien are sitting in the garden, telling silly jokes to each other. “I bought a 100 bottles of Tippex, big mistake,” he giggles.  the conversation turns to Amy. Lucien confides that he doesn’t feel like he has enough, and mentions that Amy has a flash car while his car is “ten years old.” Kerry reassures him then jokes: “It’s not about what car you drive, it’s about how much money you’ve got.” They both laugh.



Housemates wake up to a rainy day. Kerry and Darryn are in the garden.  “It’s gonna to be a s**t day,” Darryn comments. he mentions the  disagreement he had with Bobby last night. Bobby is in the diary room, talking about Darryn. he tells big Brother he felt bad that he bitched about Darryn before confronting him. Bobby says that Darryn is “ten-faced!” adding, “If you wanna be a big fat f**k with abs on the outside, go for it, 47, pink mohawk, Lamborghini, fake teeth, you’re a product!” Bobby imitates being in a shop adding: “one Darryn identikit please!” and smiles to himself.


Amy and Jedward are in the bedroom, pimping Darryn’s mowhawk. Pamela and Paddy are in the gym. Some of the housemates are in the garden talking celebrities who died at aged 27, Tara lists: “Amy Winehouse, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy!” She says that Ledger was “one of the most amazing actors of my generation” She tells housemates that she attended parties at Ledger’s house: “We’d have so much fun,” she adds.


Kerry and Lucien are sitting on the sofas in the garden. “I’m missing home a bit.” Kerry confesses. Darryn, Amy, Sally and Tara are in the bedroom talking about children. Amy says that she would like to have about “four kids.” “I haven’t had that financial drain on my life but my dog gets the best sausages,” adds Darryn. Tara looks sad and tells them: “My dog taught me how to love.”


Paddy is in the bedroom, talking to God. in the garden, Jedward are meditating in the fort they made earlier. Some of the housemates are in the living area. Amy is sitting on the sofa. Bobby walks through and Amy asks how he thinks the eviction will go. “No idea, I don’t even want to think about it,” he replies. Amy rephrases the question and again, Bobby tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about the eviction and leaves the area. Lucien is in the kitchen and Amy tells him: “I don’t like him (Bobby), he’s p***es me off! He’s a bug, bug, bug, bug!”

In the diary room Darryn tells big Brother that he is glad that Bobby spoke to him last night. “I was really impressed that he got up the fortitude to talk.” he tells big Brother that Bobby is “very uninteresting” but not in a “nasty way.” “He’s (Bobby) not comfortable with all the egos in the house,” he adds. 2.09pm

Darryn is cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Sally has a taste of his risotto tells him her approval. Pamela has cooked herself a meal and is eating at the counter. Sally looks into her bowl and says “that looks disgusting, if you don’t mind me saying!” Pamela smiles and tells her it ok. Some of the housemates are in the garden. Darryn complains that Pamela has wasted some of the food for her meal. Sally comments: “It looks like dog food.” Darryn says that the boys are eating it “but they will eat motor oil!” Tara talks about Pamela and says that she can’t “be around someone who’s like that all the time.” Kerry asks housemates if something is “wrong” with Pamela and points to her temple. Sally continues: “I don’t think she’s come to terms with who she is, her daughters have left home…” 2:15pm

Jedward dismantle their fort. Tara and Sally are chatting in the garden and Tara starts to cry. She says that she is scared and isn’t sure what she is feeling. John comes over and says: “Pull yourself together, no more crying!” and pulls her hood over her head. he asks if she wants some coconut water then gives her a hug. Edward comes over with flowers. Tara says that she is worried that she won’t work again after people see her in the house and that the twins will have no problem as they will always find work. “You guys are the best guys I’ve ever met in my life” she says. 3:00pm

Big Brother gives Jedward are provided body suits. the suits will give them an electric shock if they are in close contact with each other. Housemates are given an opportunity to get to know them as individuals. If housemates pass the task, to tell them apart, they will receive a pop party. John says that he feels lost without Edward. Edward feels the same.

in the bathroom, Amy gives Edward a spray tan. John asks Edward what he has done and why he has the tan. “I was left on my own with Amy Childs” he replies.

Darryn, Bobby and Lucian are talking in the living room. Lucian admits that he has never had a girlfriend, and is happy as he is: “If the right girl comes along, I’ll change my mind.” Darryn tells him that after CBB is over he will have more women than he will know what to do with. Amy and Tara are in the bedroom having girl talk, Amy is applying fake tan. She tells Tara: “I’m from Essex which is very orange, the majority of girls are always in Essex and wear full make up every day.” 8:02pm

Amy and John decide to get married and invite all housemates to be their guests. Darryn is the ring bearer, Kerry is the bridesmaid, Paddy gives Amy away and Pamela is the vicar. Pamela announces: “You may now kiss your bride” and Amy and John lean in for a jokey kiss. 10:00pm

Housemates win the task and receive a Pop Party. during the evening Amy dances very close to Lucien. Kerry, Bobby and Lucien are talking in the garden. Kerry tells them that “Money does not matter, I’m here as a person.” She mentions the constant photographers outside her house and that she is in magazines and newspaper every day. Sally comments: “Isn’t that because you always want to be?” Kerry denies this and gets upset as she speaks. She tells them that she cannot go on a date as nothing is ever a secret in her life. Bobby looks irritated and tells housemates that he is going to speak to big Brother. Kerry worries that she has said something to annoy him.

Bobby waits by the diary room door and speaks to the nearest camera. “I do not understand how I am meant to have a conversation with Kerry; she say’s that she can’t find a guy because of her status, what status? She’s a complete moron!” Bobby adds that Kerry is starting to drive him “insane” and that he hates being “trapped in this box with people that don’t even respect themselves, grown men and women acting like children.” 10:44pm

Lucian is in diary room. he tells big Brother that he is worried that people are breaking off into groups. he says that he feels he is “losing Bobby as a mate” and feels him drifting away: “I hope he’s ok.” Bobby is lying on his bed, talking to the camera: “I thought that Tara Reid would be the nicest girl, and I thought that I would fancy Amy Childs, but I don’t…This place is driving me bonkers.”

Eviction Night

The public voted out of the house Sally Bercow. the current, but maybe not for much longer, wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons, lost out in the public vote against Bobby Sabel and Kerry Katona. Saying later she felt like a loser. as so many political types often must do.

Sally told CBB host Brian Dowling: “I’m a bit embarrassed to be the first one out…. That’s a bit of a loser thing, but I had to come out some time.”

Despite the speculation in the press there could be forthcoming parting of the ways due to her CBB stint, Sally added, “I’m quite looking forward to seeing my husband.”

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Celebrity Big Brother: Week One Highlights

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