Celebrity Big Brother Blog 2011, Day 18

September 7th, 2011

Previously on Big Brother, the housemates did a Battle of the Bands task, Lucien and Amy’s BORINGmance kicked things up a notch into SUPER BORING and we realised we love Jedward. but let’s sweep all that under the rug, as we look at WHAT HAPPENED ON DAY 18!!!

As part 2 of the Band task, the bands have to take part in a posing task, where they have to hold their sexy band poses as long as possible. Edward’s sexy pose is the best; he is grabbing his own massive boob. Lucien is very good at holding his pose, and John’s pose is amazing because he has his gob open, and is dribbling liberally. Lucien and John hold their poses for over an hour, but then Lucien moves and that means boyband Take This win, even though they are shit. then Big Brother screens the videos the bands made, which just reminds us how much we miss all Saints. Take This get the most views for their video, probably because of Bobby dancing round in his little pants. So they win the whole challenge.

As a reward for winning Take This get to live a luxury popstar lifestyle, while KELA have to sleep in the garden like devoted fans or groupies or something. There’s barriers, which reminds us of the rich/poor task in, like, BB3. That was a good task, wasn’t it?

The men do the housework, while Amy blow dries her hair. Paddy remarks that “she takes her beauty more than seriously” and that she takes three hours to get ready, “if she’s working fast”. Amy gives us her beauty tips, which obviously includes a spray tan and big hair. and the vajazzle.

Amy and Jedward discuss the future, and Amy says she wants to be a young mum, and get married in a pink dress. ‘Course she does.

Paddy tells Amy that she has no backside, and quizzes her on the cost and longevity of her boob job (£5k, 15 years, in case you care)

The BORINGmance rumbles on, with Kerry and Lucien discussing it at length. This can’t possibly be the most exciting thing happening in the house at the moment, can it? Jedward must have some japes up their sleeves!

OK, Jedward are definitely wearing lipstick.

Amy and Darryn bitch about Bobby, because he got all greedy with the booze, meaning that nobody else could get pissed. To be fair to Bobby, maybe he thought it would make him more interesting?

THE FINAL IS ON THURSDAY! AND WE WILL BE LIVEBLOGGING IT! BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU GUYS FAR TOO MUCH. do pop by as we grapple with technology, and celebrate the crowning of Jedward as this year’s CBB winners (we really really hope).

Celebrity Big Brother Blog 2011, Day 18

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