Celebrity Big Brother Blog 2011, Day 16

September 4th, 2011

Previously on big Brother, Jedward did the shopping, wherein they got loads of Haribos, and romance appeared to be blossoming between Kerry and Lucien. but that is ancient history now, kids, so let’s talk about WHAT HAPPENED ON DAY 16!!!

Darryn is super pissed off about Jedward’s Haribos spree. he picks up one of those tiny hamburger sweets (Trolli, not Haribo…) and his disgust is palpable. he is also annoyed at Jedward for not putting the shopping away. oh, and everyone is annoyed because they didn’t get toilet roll, or meat, or cereal. the list of things they didn’t get, is much longer than the list of things they did get (sweets and eggs).

Lucien improvises in the toilet-roll-drought, by using itchen roll. We’ve ALL BEEN THERE, Luce, but what about when THAT runs out, eh? EH? You’d best not be too attached to your socks.

Jedward dance around in their pants.

Amy is doing vajazzles and pejazzles on everyone as a task. She shares her ‘philosophy’ of vajazzling: something to do with having a massive imagination. She cops out a bit, by vajazzling Darryn and Paddy on the arm. Amy’s reward for vajazzling everyone, is to see her ugly little dog. It’s a cute scene; the dog clearly loves Amy to bits. We don’t even like dogs, but Amy’s dog is alright. Until they kiss with tongues. GROSS!

Jedward guerrilla vajazzle Amy while she snoozes in the garden.

Tara has a conversation with Jedward about eviction. at least, we think that’s what they’re saying; we got distracted by one of the Jedwards’ open staring at her boobies. She gets evicted, by the way.

Jedward get in the bath again, with one Jed piling suds on top of the other Jed’s head. it looks like great fun. when we have a bath, we like to make bubble beards, standard.

Lucien snogs Kerry in the toilet, but then when she goes to bed, he is standoffish and refuses to go to bed with her, telling Darryn and Amy that he wants to just be friends with her. then Amy tells him off, and we were just like “yeah”. A lonnng conversation ensues, and Lucien tells Amy she has “smashed” everything. Like Godzilla. then Amy literally throws herself at Lucien. and they get in bed together. Kerry then goes to the kitchen to eat her feelings.

Jedward pile three mattresses on top of each other, like in the Princess and the Pea.

It’s all over on THURSDAY! Who wins, YOU DECIDE!

Celebrity Big Brother Blog 2011, Day 16

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