CBB’s Amy Childs Has Already Offered To Vajazzle Housemate

August 20th, 2011

Photo: Splash News

The only Way is Essex’s Amy Childs hasn’t even been in the Celebrity Big Brother house 24 hours and she’s already whipping out her Vajazzle kit!

But surprisingly, Amy, who has probably vajazzled the whole of Essex, didn’t start up the conversation about the intimate procedure, it was former Coronation Street actor, Lucien Laviscount who kicked it off by asking American Pie actress, Tara Reid whether she knew what vajazzling was.

Content with Tara’s answer of: "It’s when you decorate your..", Lucien soon turned to Amy telling her: "You’ve brought the vajazzle to England."

With the conversation attracting more housemates, Amy soon turned her attention to Sally Bercow by offering to give her a vajazzle, but Sally, who is married to the House of Commons speaker, quickly turned down the offer saying that there would be "no way" that she would get jewelled up downstairs.

Prompted to have a vajazzle to spice up her love life by David Hasselhoff’s ex wife, Sally retorted: "Life is spicy enough as it is, you don’t need a bloody vajazzle!".

We doubt it will take long until Amy vajazzles a housemate!

Who went into the house last night?

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CBB’s Amy Childs Has Already Offered To Vajazzle Housemate

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