Can I use nail glue on my vajazzle?

April 24th, 2011

I used eyelash glue on my vajazzle before but they moved around so much in my underwear that i found gems in a certain place where they shouldn't be and the design i done by hand was all mixed up and was very messy. i was wondering if I could use nail glue?
To take them off I'd just use nail varnish remover as that is how you get nail-glued nails off.

why would you have gems on you vajazzle anyway O_O ?

first off wtf on Vajazzle. Its so frikken gross.

and yeah use nail glue so your vaj will have skin ripped off ya weirdo

i don't know whether or not to take this seriously :L

vajazz away my friend..vajazz away….pretty nasty though

Don't do this.
I could be very dangerous.

no that's a bad idea why would you put jewel there anyways? lol regardless lol they sell these things kinda like tattoos that are preformed jewel designs with adhesive that is safe for skin if you really must put jewels there i would suggest those

Can I use nail glue on my vajazzle?

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