BuzzFeed launches women's, sports verticals in its dizzying expansion phase; plus, Tina Brown on the defense

March 22nd, 2012

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There’s already a Tumblr devoted to the question of who BuzzFeed has hired today, since the site, under the editorial direction of Ben Smith, has decided to put a recent investment of some $15 million toward developing original content.

The Tumblr really just leads you to a snarky punchline; but it’s evidence nonetheless of how quickly Smith is moving. Today, BuzzFeed introduced two new verticals, the latest signs of its new persona as a capital-J journalism outfit as opposed to an aggregator of viral cat videos.

One, called Shift and helmed by Jezebel, New York mag and Abrams Media alumnae, is about women.

Some of the issues Shift will be tackling, according to an inaugural post by Amy Odell: “How can women bridge the gap between our income and our male counterparts’? How can we attain the power we need to make decisions about our own bodies? How can we be taken seriously as we work toward those things while indulging in a little mindless feminine fun, like shopping, reading Us Weekly, or tweeting about how Nicole Kidman looked like a big Vajazzle at the Golden Globes?”

The other newest addition to the BuzzFeed empire is a sports channel.

“The social web has pulled back the curtain on our protagonists and turned sports into a running communal conversation, argument, and comedy routine,” BuzzFeed veteran Jack Moore wrote in his own “introductory manifesto.”

(Also, did we somehow miss the news that Smith has nabbed Kevin Lincoln from Business Insider, who had been a media reporter there, and who is now the deputy editor for BuzzFeed Sports? Or did we just lose track of everyone who’s been filing in to Smith’s shop?)

Meanwhile, MediaBistro has been rolling out a three-part video interview with BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti this week. In the clip below, he discusses the site’s expansion:

In other news…

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BuzzFeed launches women's, sports verticals in its dizzying expansion phase; plus, Tina Brown on the defense

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