Bikini Waxing – The Hair Removal Option Chosen by Many Salon and Spa-Goers

June 5th, 2012

If you usually shave your extra body hair, then you may want to consider waxing. the results last much longer, it is less rough on the skin, and it doesn’t result in thicker, darker hair growing back (an unpleasant shock to many body hair shavers). Bikini waxing is a touchy subject for many women. They may have waxed their upper lip or their eyebrows, or maybe their legs, but hesitate to pay someone to cause them pain or discomfort in their most sensitive of areas. perfectly understandable. However:

Bikini Waxing is better Now

As you might imagine there is a large demand for a bikini wax that is less painful. Have no doubt that many salon and spa product companies are investing huge amounts of money to develop better waxes, better preparation powders, and more soothing post-wax creams. Most waxers prefer using what is known as a hard wax for a bikini waxing. It is reported to be easier on the skin, and results in less pain. ask your spa’s esthetician what preparation they recommend before coming into the spa, and what they recommend after the treatment as well. Sometimes simple is good. Waxers often take a few Advil 1 hour before going into the spa/salon. Many salons recommend no Scream Cream 35-40 minutes before the wax. It contains 20% Benzocaine as a numbing agent, and is FDA approved.

Don’t go Just anywhere for a Wax

This is a spa treatment that you want done by a professional. Ideally you want a trained, experienced esthetician who is caring and sensitive. Both they, and the spa/salon they work in, should come highly recommended. Don’t just walk into any strip mall salon; they most likely don’t have the experience and facilities a high quality waxing salon or day spa does. you need to have clean surroundings for this type of waxing, of course – especially since you will be lying down partially naked. and while prices are important, and not many people have cash to burn these days, don’t decide by price alone. you can usually find online coupons or discounts for any spa or waxing salon, but get feedback about the specific location first.

If you talk to your friends/girlfriends about this type of thing: ask where have they tried? Have they tried it at home? (Not recommended.) What did they like or not like about certain waxing salons? how about specific estheticians? once you have looked online for reviews, or asked your friends for recommendations, check the spa or salon out. Talk to the clientele in the waiting area. Do they have a person they always go to for their wax? that way you can know who to ask for (or to avoid). once you have your bikini wax, make sure to get the name of your waxing esthetician. a gentle touch by a skilled spa staff deserves a good tip and a positive online review. and that way you know who to ask for next time.

Bikini waxing is not all fun, but the results are totally worth it. Just ask any of the millions of women who wax – It gives you smooth results, a sexy look you can customize (check out different bikini wax styles, Vajazzling, and even Vatooing), and it lasts for weeks. like any beauty or day spa treatment though: Do your research, and do what is good for you.

Bikini Waxing – The Hair Removal Option Chosen by Many Salon and Spa-Goers

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