Bikini Waxing Styles – Waxing Trends and Fashion

May 26th, 2012

What is the difference between a regular bikini wax, french wax, full brazilian bikini wax and landing strip? Is one more popular than the other? What type do guys prefer? these questions are more are answered below. Here are the bikini waxing trends.

Regular Bikini Wax

When you just want to remove hair from both sides of the bikini line and that is all, the regular bikini wax is the style for you. It is also known as the regular style.

French Wax

French wax, or modified bikini wax, is similar to the bikini style. It removes more hair than a regular bikini wax, leaving an attractive strip.

Landing Strip

The attractive strip, also known as the landing strip, is a very common bikini wax trend. It leaves a bit of pubic hair in the front center. Guys like the look and feel of this style.

Full Brazilian

Full Brazilian Wax is referred to in several different ways: Hollywood Bikini Style, Bare Pubic Style and Sphynyx Style. The full Brazilian is a preferred pubic style. Brazilian waxing focuses on the genital area and involves removing hair from areas around the vagina, perineum and anus. Contrary to popular belief, Brazilian waxing does not necessarily involve complete hair removal. some people choose to leave a landing strip.

Brazilian Wax

Brazilian wax is also called Playboy Style. It involves removing hair from the anus, buttocks and vulva. A very narrow strip is left on the vagina. This is the most attractive bikini style according to guys because it looks sexy, like a race car stripe.

Other Styles

Intracut designs are becoming more popular. some professionals are able to wax pubic hair, leaving just enough to form an image of a butterfly, diamond, heart, lighting bolt, star or arrows.

Dying pubic hair is another trend. popular colors include red, green, blue and yellow. There is special dye for pubic hair, as it is unsafe to use regular hair dye.

What To Expect

The best way to remove unwanted pubic hair is waxing, as the results last up to 3 to 4 weeks. It’s normal to experience pain during and a few hours after the waxing procedure. You may want to take a painkiller one hour prior to your appointment.

After having your pubic hair waxed, your skin may become red and more sensitive. You can use aloe vera on the affected areas.

Always schedule your appointment after your menstrual cycle and with a licensed esthetician.

Bikini Waxing Styles – Waxing Trends and Fashion

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