Bikini Vajazzling

August 12th, 2011
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Get ready to be bedazzled by vajazzling. It’s the hottest and newest micro bikini sensation to hit the scene. Women all over the country are running to get vajazzled. It’s new, sexy and quite the eye catcher. What’s vajazzling you say? It’s the newest way to enhance your intimate bikini area by applying safe crystals to your skin. It’s quick and no two vajazzlings are the same. Jump on the bandwagon of this newest sensation that will surely take the beaches by storm this Summer. so you can look dazzling, here’s our handy tip guide on how to get vajazzled.

Brazilian Bikini Wax
Vajazzling starts out with a standard bikini wax. you may be familiar with that process already. All of your intimate bikini hair must be removed.

After your Brazilian Bikini Wax, you will next go through the process of getting a vajacial. A vajacial is the pampering of your intimate bikini area after the wax and it’s performed in four steps.

Vajacial – Step 1
Your intimate bikini are is cleansed throughly with an antibacterial cleansing and exfoliation solution.

Vajacial – Step 2
The experienced waxer removes your ingrown hairs while looking for bumps and skin irritations to calm and cease.

Vajacial – Step 3
Applications of an anti-freckle, anti-acne mask and lightening cream are applied to prevent future irritation and remove any discolorations.

After your Brazilian Bikini Wax and Vajacial while you are pretty much sterile and ready to be Vajazzed which takes just a few steps.

Vajazzling – Step 1
The application person will bring out a sheet of small Swarovski crystals that have been heated slightly. the bottom of each crystal has a tough adhesive that’s invisible to the naked eye. You’ll see large and small crystals to aid in your design.

Vajazzling – Step 2
The application person takes each crystal and applies it to your intimate bikini area. the larger ones are applied by hand while the smaller crystals are applied by a tweezer.

Vajazzling – Step 3
After all of the crystals have been applied, the application person uses their hand to press on the crystals for more adhesiveness to the skin. once secured, they last on an average of about 5 days. you are not to engage in any vigorous activity so they won’t come loose. you can shower and bath with them on, just don’t rub hard on them to break them off from your skin.

Now that you’ve been vajazzled, you can go out and show it off to all of your friends. It’s perfect for the Summer and something so new and exciting, you’ll want to take pictures to put up on your social web sites. so go and get vajazzled.

Bikini Vajazzling

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