Bikini Shave: How to Shave Your Bikini Area With Creative Styles

October 21st, 2011

Bikini Shave: From where did the bikini shave evolve?
Surprisingly, bikini shave styles have been evolving. in the 1600’s, prostitutes wore merkins (pubic wigs) to cover the signs of lice or venereal disease. the wigs were often colorfully decorated fashion statements unto themselves. Skip to a few hundred years later in the 1970’s when the overgrown bushes showed up in porn as a symbol of freedom and au natural. in the late 80’s, the pendulum swung about as far away from the untamed bush as possible when thong bikinis and Brazilian waxes gained attention. now there are many choices, including bikini hair dying and vajazzling (a term coined for applying glitter and jewels to a woman’s nether regions for aesthetic purposes). If these options seem extreme to you, not to worry. the majority of us fall somewhere in the middle, recognizing the benefits of moderate and manageable bikini shave styles.

Bikini Shave: why do it?
The reasons range from feeling clean and sexy, to looking neat at the beach, avoiding excess bacteria, reducing itchiness, and a heightened amount of sensation during sex. the design it yourself bikini shave and at-home waxing are excellent bikini shave options for those of us who want to stay clean, look good and still hold on to some degree of au natural.

Bikini Shave: What’s hot?

The Wide Landing is a spin-off of the traditional landing strip, only a little wider and easier to do with a razor. the wide landing reveals direction and seduction.

The Ocean Wave is a teardrop shaped design with a feminine, flowing, and asymmetrical flavor.

The Acorn is great if you don’t want to go totally bare, yet still want to feel silky and smooth in those nether regions.

Bikini Shave: Tips for a clean Sexy Safe Bikini Shave
First, cover the area with a natural shaving gel or soap. For bikini line hair, use an extra sensitive natural shave soap and let it sit on skin for 30 seconds to moisten the skin before shaving.

Use a flexible shaving mirror (Peeka-Bu) to help you see all angles of your bikini line hair. Bend your knees and set one foot up on a stool or shower ledge for maximum visibility. If the pubic hair area is new territory for you, make sure to shave in the same direction that the hair is growing. Once the hair is short enough, you can move against the growth for a closer shave. It is best to clear hair from your bikini line before beginning any of the specialty haircuts. While shaving the pubic hair, move slowly and stretch the skin with your free hand as much as possible before shaving. When you are finished, apply natural after-shave oil to prevent shaving irritation and razor bumps.

Bikini Shave: How to Shave Your Bikini Area With Creative Styles

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