Big Brother’s eye candy

August 28th, 2011

Eye candy for the boys included American Pie cutie Tara Reid, the only Way is Essex beauty Amy Childs and reality star Kerry Katona.

Kerry, who had styled her hair into a Jedward-style quiff, was first to go in and was heard to exclaim: “Bloody hell, this is lovely! Wowee!”


Tara promised to live up to her party girl reputation, saying: “Let’s put it this way, I’m a very fun girl.”

Amy vowed to bring her vajazzle kit into the house and said she hadn’t ruled out the possibility of a romance.

Going in … Sally Bercow last nightShe could get a chance with unknown Bobby Sabel, who has modelled for Levi’s and has been told to get frisky with whoever he liked.

But the Londoner boasted: “I’d rather be adored by all women than be tied down to a girlfriend.”

He has competition in the shape of actor Lucien Laviscount, star of Corrie and Waterloo Road.

Housemates … Kerry Katona and Amy Childs

Others in the three-week Channel 5 series include Irish pop twins Jedward and Sally Bercow.

She initially claimed last night that she hadn’t told her husband, Commons speaker John, that she was going on the show, saying: “I hope he doesn’t divorce me.

“I’m sure it will raise a few eyebrows in Parliament but I’m not my husband. I’m going in because I want to stick two fingers up at the Establishment.” Sally later told host Brian Dowling that her husband did know she was taking part, admitting: “He’s not exactly chuffed. But he respects the fact I do my own thing.”

Asked if she’d keep the house in order, she said: “You’re going to be disappointed

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