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Ladies, if you thought you’d seen it all with the extremities of the proverbial “landing strip” or permanently pink dye poodles…feast your eyes on the latest craze to sweep over from  America. Behold the provocatively named Vajazzle! This type of body art takes the form of rhinestone placement around the nether regions of the body; most popular on female pubic areas, but can also be modified for male adornment or other areas on both sexes.

Originally designed within the confines of a San Francisco beauty parlour around eighteen months ago, Vajazzling hadn’t been seen on European or British  territory until more recently – most noticeably on “The Only Way Is Essex” series on UK television last year.

So what exactly does this craze  for body sparkle involve? It appears to be very easy indeed. Simply a case of prewaxing the desired area of your body, making sure it s towelled dry, then placing the Swarovski crystals in a pattern or design of your choice  in strategic formation with the use of tweezers. Each crystal is then pressed down firmly for a few seconds for the adhesive to  take , then the person waits a little while before dressing. And that’s it! Vajazzled!

According to the number one website on such matters,, their clients have already carried out home experiments with regards to worries on  after care problems ….Namely, if the vajazzling is placed on the female pubic area, does it hurt or chafe the male during intercourse??? The answer was a resounding  NO, not a problem as the crystals are smooth !

Your vajazzle should last a few days, and obviously it’s a good idea to wear loose fitting clothes. The crystals can be re-used, with a skin-safe adhesive; and keep them stored carefully to minimise scratching. You could also try them in different areas – like above the waist or on your back; just have fun with it!

Vajazzle On

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