Amy Childs won’t be down the market ::

December 10th, 2011

Amy Childs has so much going on at the moment – with one reality show airing at the moment and The Bachelorette on the way, not to mention her beauty salon – that when there’s nothing going on she probably panics a bit.Never fear, though, her Dad’s to the rescue – if she finds herself with nothing to do at 3am after coming home from an event, then he’s willing to give her a fact, he sounded like he really wants to.He and her brother run a flower stall on Romford market, and are as proud of their famous family member as anyone would be – to the point they’d love her to come down to drum up a bit of trade. On her show All About Amy, her father Billy said:”Amy’s never done a 3am start. it would be a good seller though, if she came down here. I should give her a bell and get her to come down.”Alas, Amy wasn’t that impressed by the idea, responding:”Me going down the market? not now. Can you imagine?”I can! maybe it’s for the best, though – she’d probably be overrun with vajazzle requests as she was making up a nice bouquet.

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Amy Childs won’t be down the market ::

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