Amy Childs Vajazzles her entire body

May 17th, 2012

Oh. dear. Lord.

Amy Childs is hardly the shy and retiring type, but stepping out in nothing but a body-sized, flesh-coloured stocking and a few strategically placed crystals is a bit much, even for her.

The former TOWIE star’s new look – completed by a short blonde wig – was to promote her latest product, the Hair Vajazzle.

No, we’re not sure why you’d want your hair to look like a vagina either. even if it is a particularly sparkly one.

We assume the outfit was an attempt to emulate the famous nude bodysuit Britney Spears wore in her 2004 video ‘Toxic’ – but it looks more like those wrinkly tights you see gathering around your granny’s ankles, or slightly loose sausage skin before it’s been cooked.

Sorry, that was a bit disgusting.

Speaking about the hair jewels, Amy said: “I put the body vajazzle on the map so now I have created my very own Hair Vajazzle range. They add glitter and sparkle to your hair so are amazing for parties – I love them!”

The product itself isn’t an awful idea. we just don’t know why she had to be naked to tell us about it.

What do you think – will you be forking out for a Hair Vajazzle?

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Amy Childs Vajazzles her entire body

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