Amy Childs nude with gems for Hair Vajazzle launch – 3am & Mirror Online

July 3rd, 2012

Vajazzling may have caught on for its novelty value alone, but Hair Vajazzling? We’re not sure this one is going to have quite the same effect.

None the less, Amy Childs has launched her own line of Hair Vajazzle kits (which makes us cringe to even write) at a special photoshoot in London.

The glamour model showed off her slimmed down frame wearing nothing but a nude body stocking and gems – a bit like Britney Spears in her Toxic video, but not at all.

And VERY like something we’ve seen Katie Price do too…

Almost exactly the same as the Amy pic…Splash … except for the hat. Oh, and the giant perfume bottle placed in front of her crotchSplash

Though she’s too busy swanning around in Vegas to care about this really.

There it is! the kit we ALL needGettyThat’s a wig so it doesn’t count, surely?Splash

Amy also modelled her own product, the Hair Vajazzle, with various diamonds weaved into her hair.

While the process of putting jewels in your hair isn’t exactly new, the title Hair Vajazzle is just odd.

It’s like telling people  to curl the eyelashes on their chin or… yeah, we can’t think of any other examples because it is just weird.

See, like Britney…Getty…but really notYouTube

Amy tweeted this morning: “Great launch for my #hairvajjazzle today. Pictures will be online soon’

Is she predicting that people like us will write about it? Ergh, we feel like her assistant or something.

Amy added: ‘So it worked out I brushed my teeth 15 times yesterday’.

So while Amy’s busy taking her clothes off, her former castmates from TOWIE are getting drunk. Let’s laugh at the pictures of them, shall we?

Amy Childs nude with gems for Hair Vajazzle launch – 3am & Mirror Online

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