Amy Childs’ mother Julie: Meet the woman behind TOWIE star’s success

December 2nd, 2011

by Sarah Bull

Last updated at 9:15 AM on 2nd December 2011

She has gone from a beauty salon worker to one of the most famous reality television stars in the country.

But now Amy Childs has revealed she couldn’t have done anything without her mother Julie, and has let fans into a side of her life they don’t often see – her family life,

Talking about how important her family, mother Julie, father Billy and brother Billy Junior are to her in her new reality series It’s All about Amy, the pretty redhead said: ‘I’m such a family orientated person, I love being with my family and I’ve got the best life ever – I’m such a lucky girl.’

The woman behind Amy Childs’ success: Amy introduced mother Julie in the series premiere of It’s All about Amy, and credited her success to her

Family life: Amy gave fans a glimpse into her family life in the show, and said she is very close to mum Julie, dad Billy and brother Billy Junior

Amy credits mum Julie for helping her get where she is today, and said that while she might have some rules about how much flesh she flashes, she knows her mother is always right.

Referring to Amy’s lads mag shoots, Julie said: ‘I would never let her do any topless ever and she wouldn’t anyway. when she was younger she would have probably but once you jump that fence youcan’t go back.’

And Amy added: ‘I always take mum’s opinion because I know that she’s always right. mum’s a professional.’

Supportive: Julie accompanied Amy as she scoped out possible venues for her new beauty salon

Proud: the lounge was full of photographs of Amy and brother Billy

Amy still lives at home with her mum and dad, with Julie cooking, cleaning and generally looking after her celebrity daughter – with the astonishing amount of pictures of the former TOWIE star in her lounge testament to just how proud she is of her.

Talking about her relationship with Amy and her son Billy, Julie said: ‘They do call me the overprotective mother.

‘All my friends laugh but I am what I am. my own mum left me when I was four and not having a mum has made me just very over protective with the both of them.’

Undomestic goddess: Amy admitted that she doesn’t know how to cook, and can’t even boil an egg herself

But while Julie looks after Amy in more ways than one, the reality star admitted on her show that there is some knowledge that hasn’t been passed on – such as how to cook.

She said: ‘I remember I cooked an egg and it went so downhill, it just burned. I can’t cook. i don’t blame it on me, I blame it on mum. It’s just not me. I’m so fussy with food. I like Dominoes pizza and McDonalds, and I’ve never eaten quiche before.

‘I just think it’s so clever to learn how to cook. I either need to find someone who can cook or I need to get a move on because I can’t cook to save my life.’

Curvy girl: Amy donned a low-cut denim waistcoat as she reshot a photo for her calendar

Model behaviour: Amy looked more than comfortable in front of the camera

Amy has gone from the only way Is Essex to Celebrity big Brother, and is now hoping to recreate her success with her new reality series, It’s All about Amy.

The premiere episode opened with Amy looking at pictures for her 2012 calendar alongside her manager Claire Powell.

And while Claire was happy with the majority of the pictures, she decided she wanted to reshoot the June picture of Amy in front of a Ferrari because her denim shorts looked too long.

Bikini babe: While Amy is no stranger to bikini shoots, Julie says she would never let her daughter go topless

But Amy was struggling to comprehend that she has her own calendar, saying: ‘I’m getting my own calendar. Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and now me – Amy Childs from Essex!

‘I’m just normal. I’m a girl from Essex and this has all just happened but I’m still normal. Why me? Why has it happened to Amy Childs from Essex? amazing!’

Now she is making a name for herself away from TOWIE, Amy is hoping to find success with her own beauty salon – the opening of which is being documented on her new Channel 5 reality show.

Friends forever: Amy was filmed getting ready for an awards ceremony with cousin and fellow TOWIE star Harry Derbidge

Blood ties: Amy revealed she was the first person that Harry told he was gay

Talking about opening the salon, Amy said: ‘It’s been a dream all of my life. I’m so excited to open my own salon. When I did my beauty college course I was an A* student.

‘With my beauty I’m very on the ball. Amy’s Salon has got to be pink, white, diamonds and glitter. I reckon this is going to be amazing. I can’t wait, i’m getting all excited now!

But Amy also insisted her decision to leave the only way Is Essex was down to the fact she wanted to pursue solo ventures, and not because she had grown out of it.

All white: Amy displayed her sporty side in a new shoot for Skechers

Geek chic: for another shot, Amy donned a huge pair of glasses

She said: ‘I’m not too big for TOWIE. I’d love to go back into TOWIE one day.  like Robbie Williams and take That – he was the first one to leave and then he came back for a bit!’

Amy added that claims she puts on an act to make herself seem stupid is ridiculous, and said she can’t help saying silly things occasionally.

She said: ‘I’m the vajazzle queen, not the mastermind champion. I think I say stupid things all the time, it’s just me.’

Through thick and thin: Amy also spent time with her best friend, Amy Chapman

Doggy discipline: Amy was also seen taking her dog Prince to training lessons

The first episode of Amy’s new series also saw her taking her pet pug to a training class, and spending time with her best friend Amy Chapman.

Talking about her friendship with Amy, she said: ‘Amy and I have been best freidns since we were 10. I’ve lost friends on the way doing TOWIE, friends were all lovely to me but then they started getting jealous.

‘But one of my best friends is Amy – she’s always been there for me. She’s got such a lovely mental attitude towards me.’


Amy Childs’ mother Julie: Meet the woman behind TOWIE star’s success

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