Amy Childs admits her new boobs hurt her so much she didn’t wash for a week! Yuk!!

July 26th, 2012

Former the Only Way Is Essex star, Amy Childs, has revealed that her latest boob job hurt her so much she didn’t wash for a week (we are thankful that wasn’t filmed for reality TV!).

The former Celebrity big Brother contestant had her second cosmetic breast surgery at the end of last month to increase her cup size from a 32C to a 32DD. Speaking to new! magazine, Childs – who used to date former TOWIE co-star, Kirk Norcross, said: ”I couldn’t wash for a week. that was horrible. I had trouble sleeping – I had to sleep on my back and couldn’t move. I just had to have total rest.”

But she added: “I feel so much more confident now. It bl**dy hurt but they were so worth it!”

Speaking of her decision to have the op in the first place, the Queen of the Vajazzle said: ”OMG, they were so saggy.

“People were saying they were fine but they didn’t see what I was like without a bra.

“I would wear a lot of padding. I had padding in everything – my bras, bikinis. now I don’t need it.”

According to the salon owner, the doctor had told her the reason why her breasts had started to sag was because they had “flipped” inside her.

Amy said: “After the operation the surgeon told me that my old implants had actually flipped inside me.

“they had turned so they were more at the bottom and leaving lots of empty skin.”

Amy then went on to reveal that she is very grateful to new boyfriend David Peters, who she has been dating for a month, for helping nurse her through the ordeal.

She said: “He’s been a star. I think I would have gone mad in the house if I was alone.

“He brought me a card, bless him. He sat with me for a few days as I couldn’t go out or drive. It was sending me crazy!

“He’s been helping me to sit up, getting me drinks. He’s been so good.”

When asked what David had thought about her new rack, the reality star said: ”David said he didn’t think there was anything wrong with them before but he knew I wanted them done.

“He hasn’t said, ‘Ooh, I like them!’ He’s more like, ‘I want you to be happy and I want you to be comfortable’.”

Read the full story in new! magazine out now.

Amy Childs admits her new boobs hurt her so much she didn’t wash for a week! Yuk!!

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