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July 30th, 2011

This is the bit where I share some of my fave quotes of the moment…First up it’s a classic from our Lillian (aka Bo-Selecta) from Shameless -CH4 with this corker: “Chicken curry in a can, dirty bastards”. – says it all really.Then there was this little gem (excuse the pun) from some random woman off of the Joy of Sex – CH4 (which for the record was completely and utterly joyless), on the benefits of having your fanny vajazzled: “You can show it to your girl friends too, just sat round having a cup of tea; get your vajazzle out!” – Er, yeah why not, and would you like a custard cream with that?And this ladies and gentlemen is when my mind wandered to the idea of a pejazzle. Imagine my disapointment when the best example I could find after I google imaged ‘pejazzle’ was this:

Come on boys, is this the best you can do?

Feel free to post me a link to the best pejazzle you can find or your favourite quote of the moment in the comments below.

Alice in LondonLand x

Alice in LondonLand: Quote Me Happy

Alice In LondonLand: Quote Me Happy « Vajazzle

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