A vajazzle moves beyond the v**ina

June 17th, 2012

Vajazzled cars Stars from the hit UK TV show “The Only way Is Essex”, Billi Muchlow and Cara Kilbey were spotted driving around in Essex, England, recently in a diamond encrusted Peugeot. what made this regular drive much less ordinary were the 81,000 crystals that adorned the car. The reality show stars used this publicity tactic to mark the Queen’s Diamond jubilee and also tweeted a picture of the car, calling it a ‘vajazzled’ machine. After this, men posted photos of big, mean machines with shiny designs here and there. And you thought it was a girl thing.

It’s not only your vajayjay! And if you’re thinking your vajajay is the only body part that a vajazzle is limited to, you’ve been living under a rock! The term now extensively covers everything from your stomach to your back and all other lady bumps in between. in fact, a vajazzle style decoration on your primary assets is now called a ‘Boodazzle’. Vajazzling a man’s extremes is called ‘Pejazzling’.

Amy Childs launches hair Vajazzle range British presenter and socialite, Amy Childs, recently launched her hair vajazzle range in a sheer cat suit that left nothing to the imagination. Wearing a blonde wig that was decorated with a million crystals, Amy showed us yet again why Britain never took her seriously. Only question is, if it’s not on your v**ina, how is it even vajazzling, Miss?

A vajazzle moves beyond the v**ina

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