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August 9th, 2011

Ramona’s getting ready for her own big day when she reflects on Sonja, who’s been having a tough time with bankruptcy. out of goodness of her own heart, she decides to let Sonja bring a whopping five friends to the party, and allows her have two of her own pictures in the party slideshow. Cindy also decides to throw a bash. not to be outclassed, her party also has a “vajazzle”theme. the cameras are there to capture her encouraging them all to try the jewels-on-your-vagina trend. just as everyone’s starting to have fun, wet blanket Simon pulls Jill aside to confront her about her claims that he was cyber-bullying her. he doesn’t mention what she claims he said, but he suggests they work it out over lunch. Jill and the ladies think this is creepy.Sonja, now forced to do her own housework a few days a week (she can only afford for the maid to come the other few days), discovers her toilet is clogged. when the plumber comes, he finds the culprit: a Blackberry. It’s amazing how, in her “situation,” Sonja’s amused to find an expensive phone in her toilet. not pulling off the “I’m poor now,” her feng shui expert wanders around the house, burns a hole in her wallet and tells her to move some furniture around. and she wonders why she’s bankrupt.Kelly and LuAnn visit a shaken Jill at her apartment to discuss the cyberbullying thing with Simon. They call him dangerous, and she says that he’s got “gang of people” cyberbullying her.It’s time for Ramona’s party, and she can’t wait to see the look on Sonja’s face when she finds out “it’s her party too”. Sonja says she’s going to pee her pants, which we think means she’s happy with delight. Ramona tells her that instead of gifts, everyone is donating money to her favorite charity, the ASPCA. Sonja is moved to tears, although secretly she probably wanted a real gift, like her maid being able to clean her house more than three times a week.Karen Malmquist is a junior at La Salle University, and the head writer and star of In other News, a comedy series airing in Philadelphia.

A Party In Their Panties: a Real Housewives of new York Recap

A Party In Their Panties: A Real Housewives Of new York Recap « Vajazzle

A Party In Their Panties: A Real Housewives Of New York Recap « Vajazzle « Vajazzle

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