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May 8th, 2011

Well the last two days have been a blur of activity. I have been running around doing a lot of little things and then I remembered I haven’t even posted to my blog!!

Yesterday I was reading a blog post about Jennifer love Hewitt’s vagina LOL yes you read it right, I said Vagina! Wait it get so much better!!

When I first read that I thought, what the hell is going on with people in the world these days?

You know I had to go and find the video to see what the heck this was all about because I love facts and want info from the proverbial horses mouth.

Off to Google I go in search of a video about JLH I didn’t have to search too long before I found my answer! she was on the show talking about her book called, ‘the Day I Shot Cupid’, when the interviewer asked for a sample of what her book contains.

She said that there was a chapter in there about vajazzling that he might like. the interviewer looked puzzled and asked what it was about. she went on to say how she had a friend put Swarovski crystals on her vagina, which she dubbed ‘vajazzling.’

She was quoted as saying:“after a breakup, a friend of mine Swarovski-crystal my precious lady,” she said. “It shined like a disco ball so I have a whole chapter in there on how women should vajazzle their vajayjays!”

I am sorry but no one is going to be hanging anything from my ‘lady parts’, ‘precious lady’ or any other name you want to call them by! no man could ever make me so upset that I would even think about that!

What are the stars thinking these days? first you have them wearing micro skirts and then no underwear? Damn they must make tons of money with all their shows and reality shows, that you would think that they would be able to afford a pair of underwear.

And just how drunk do you have to be to get your soft parts bedazzled?in case you don’t know what bedazzling is, it is the art of putting shiny stones on items like shirts, pants, shoes, purses and I am not sure that the original creators were thinking of vagina’s when they made this!

If you want to read more on vajazzling, read this article.

For the ORIGINAL Bedazzler, visit here. I still don’t think that they intended people to ‘spruce up’ their special areas LOL

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7Ladybugz thoughts: Bedazzle or Vajazzle? Hmm

7Ladybugz thoughts: Bedazzle or Vajazzle? Hmm « Vajazzle

7Ladybugz Thoughts: Bedazzle or Vajazzle? Hmm « Vajazzle « Vajazzle

7Ladybugz Thoughts: Bedazzle or Vajazzle? Hmm « Vajazzle « Vajazzle « Vajazzle

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