300 teenage girls storm Justin Bieber studio

July 7th, 2012

It’s hard work being Justin Bieber. all the baby-faced singer had come to London to do was record for Alan Carr’s Summer Specstacular and once again he found himself fending off teenage girls – a 300-strong crowd of them in fact. Can you beliebe it?

According to The Sun, the screaming mob was chased by just three over-worked security guard as it made its hormonal way into the singing star’s studio. Doors were only shut at the last minute in scenes described by onlookers as ‘pandemonium’. 

The news comes hot on the heels of One Direction‘s recent ‘trauma’, when the group were pursued by hundreds of teenage fans in New York last month. being a boy band in an age of digital communication truly is a risky occupation, it seems.

We berate teenage boys for their aggressive shows of hormonal bravado, but scenes like this make me feel like we should give them a break: when it comes to lust-driven madness, young girls really can put the chaps to shame!

300 teenage girls storm Justin Bieber studio

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